Just wanted to let everyone know that my newest book DEVIL’S ISLAND is now available for .99 cents for the first few weeks – grab it now while it’s on sale!

devils island cover # 2

Devil’s Island … an abandoned island in the Caribbean Sea with a dark and bloody past … an island with a terrible secret …

You can get it here:

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How to be a Horror Writer by Robert E. Dunn

Great article!

Shotgun Logic

516ofz61mlThe blog has been a little quiet lately. I’ve been doing a lot of writing for others and having some health issues with family members that have taken up and continue to take up huge portions of my time. That said, author Robert E. Dunn has offered me a series of articles that a lot of you will find of interest. They may appear regularly or sporadically as time allows for both of us but be assured, when they do appear they’ll be something worth reading. We’re going to start off with a series of Robert’s musings on horror and writing, and then, somewhere in the max Robert has at least one post related to Women in Horror Month that gives you some useful information on how to get involved. Everything Robert’s pen touches turns to gold, whether it’s fiction–like his new book, THE HARROWING–or nonfiction like we have…

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NIGHT TERRORS now available as an Audiobook.

Just wanted to let everyone know that my supernatural thriller NIGHT TERRORS is now available on audio, narrated by the talented Sarah Ravenwood.

I’ve just started listening to audiobooks recently and I love them. On my third one now.


You can find the NIGHT TERRORS audiobook here:

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