Here’s some great advice about being a writer from Hugh Howey

Amazing article by Hugh Howey: So you want to be a writer.

Some of the best advice I’ve read in a long time, maybe since reading Stephen King’s must-read ON WRITING.



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4 Tips for writing 1500 words a day

Here’s some really great writing advice!

Richard Klu

If you can write 1500 words a day you can publish multiple novels a year and have a substantial daily accomplishment. Your writing will improve and you will get into a rhythm of creating that feels natural. I’ve done this for sustained periods of time and seen long term results with my writing from it. Is writing 1500 words a day for everyone? No. But if you’re serious about being a writer it’s a good goal to have. Creating 1500 words of content a day is enough for a short short story or half a chapter a day in some cases. The kind of progress you can be proud of.

4 Tips for writing 1500 words a day

Set time aside

Have a portion of every day that is devoted for writing. If you’re a part time writer, devote half of your hour long lunch break and then another hour…

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